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Modular power supply – Joe

SUMMARY: Attractive package with good cooling.


Power supplies used to come in a “plain jane” wrapper – basically so many watts with a cooling fan in a grey metal box. As cases started to ship with windows, components started to dress up. The good guys at Kingwin were nice enough to send a sample of their MACH 1 POWER ABT-600MA1W to look over – this is a 600 watt unit in an attractive black case with two windows illuminated by two blue LED fans.


Key Features:

  • Maximum power: 600 Watts
  • One dual PCI express cables, two dual SATA cables, two triple HD pin / one floppy pin cable, one triple HD pin cable

  • Rear blue LED 80 mm fan, bottom blue LED 120 mm fan, temperature controlled

  • Dual windows, aircraft style cable connectors
  • 70% efficiency minimum at full-load
  • MTBF 100,000 hours @ full-rated load, 120 V AC input, 25ºC ambient.
  • 6 3/8″(161 mm) L x 5 7/8″(150 mm) W x 3 3/8″(85 mm) H, weight 6 pounds
  • Support EPS & Intel 945/955 chipset, Complies with Intel ATX/BTX standard, ATX 12V Ver.2.2

One of the more notable features are the plug-in, wrapped cables – a real plus for keeping case clutter down. The cables use screw-in connectors:


The HD plugs features “easy-off” connectors:


Rear view shows the 80 mm fan – this unit is selectable for 115 – 230 volts:


The bottom view shows the 120 mm fan:



The business side shows the output plugs – the top row is for standard HD plug cables:


Cables are screwed in – as many or as few that you need:


In use, only the plugged connectors light up:


The motherboard power plug accommodates 20 and 24 pin connectors, 4 pin and 8 pin +12v connectors:


Opening the case (NOT RECOMMENDED and VOIDS WARRANTY) shows the large caps, 80 mm fan (the 120 mm fan is connected to the case cover), heat sinks and other components:


The fans are controlled by a small PCB attached to the heatsink to monitor temps:


Use Test

I decided to use the P4 Motherboard Test Platform with a Prescott 3.2E SL7E5 to give Kingwin’s Mach 1 a trial. Firing it up, I found it a bit “busy”, attributable to the two fans. (I should note that I use this setup caseless on my desktop – this puts the power supply at desktop level and about two feet from my ears; a power supply in a case at floor level will not be as noticeable.)

I decided to mod it by opening it up and removing the 80 mm fan from the power supply, figuring the 120 mm fan should suffice. (NOTE: Opening a power supply is NOT RECOMMENDED!) Firing it up, I found it very quiet. I ran this rig with Prime 95 running with the following results:


PS Fan Intake Temp

PS Exhaust Temp


Prime 95, Maximum CPU Heat




Under Prime 95, the Mach 1’s 2.4ºC rise is minimal. Removing the 80 mm fan does not seem to have compromised cooling to any real degree. I monitored voltage levels with Prime 95 using Motherboard Monitor with the following results:

12 volt rail: 12.15 – 12.20 volts
5 volt rail: 5.12 – 5.15 volts
3.3 volt rail: 3.28 – 3.30 volts

At idle, I measured a temperature delta of 2.1ºC with voltages of 12.26, 5.17 and 3.32 volts – not substantially different from what I found under stress.


A very attractive package, Kingwin’s Mach 1 can be a good addition to any case, especially with the ability to tailor the cabling to only those that are needed, a plus for enhancing case air flow. The blue LEDs and windows add a nice touch.

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