Kingwin Multifunction Transfer Panel

A handy was to move things like USB ports form the back to front – with a temp probe — Joe

SUMMARY: A very handy product moving back functions to the front.


Kingwin was nice enough to send over this handy little case add-on. It’s a transfer panel that allows users to access all the little ports found at the back of the case from the front (how annoying is it to get on your hands and knees to plug in a USB device?). Called the Multifunction Transfer Panel (Model #FPT-01S), it not only has ports for 2 USBs, IEEE1394, audio in/out and joystick, but includes a temperature LCD with a thin, flat probe.

It comes with all the necessary cables (about one meter/39″ long, including the temp probe), screws and back plate to facilitate moving all these functions to the front, using a spare 5.25″ slot. Installation couldn’t be easier – pop off a faceplate, slide the panel in, screw it to the case, pop off a rear slot cover, route the cables, place the temp probe wherever you want, and it’s done.

All the connectors are keyed, so that there’s no possibility of plugging the wrong cable into a slot. There is also an instruction booklet that’s quite clear – it would be hard to make a mistake installing this product.

Ten minutes worth of work, and you have this:

Panel Installed

For those that are handy with a Dremel,

Panel Back

I noticed that it is easy to unscrew the two major components from the panel; if all the 5.25″ slots are taken up, a little judicious cutting can locate these function someplace else on the case.

The temperature probe is self powered with a small button battery and is on all the time. The labels you see in the first picture are used to fix the probe in place. The picture in the User’s Guide show the probe fixed to a CPU – a no-no. There’s no way you can use a thin probe between the heatsink and CPU.

I tested the temp probe against my Omega Digital Thermometer and found:

  • Omega: 20.1C – Kingwin: 20.4C
  • Omega: 50.5C – Kingwin: 52.2C

The sample I had read on the high side – I did not expect incredible accuracy and, for what it is, it’s OK.

All told, the Kingwin Multifunction Transfer Panel does the job and is easy to install. There is also a model FPT-02 which does not have the temp probe if you’re so inclined.

Thanks again to Kingwin for sending this our way – a handy product.

Kingwin products are available at Crazy PC.

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