KingWin SK-523 PC Case

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SUMMARY: Good looking, solid construction, completely tool-less, front port access, large window, two 120 mm fans and a front cold cathode light – overall a very nice case.


All lit up – terrific night light!


The good guys at KingWin were nice enough to send a sample of their SK-523 “Performance With Style” case series to look over.

Key Features

  • Aluminum front panel with red cold cathode light
  • Steel chassis
  • 1 side fan controller, 2 side hidden USB 2.0 ports, 1 SATA port and 2 audio ports
  • Clear side window
  • Completely tool-less design
  • 2 120 mm case fans (front & rear), 2000 rpm, 30 dBA, 79.14 cfm
  • 5 Exposed 5.25″ Bays
  • 2 Exposed / 3 hidden 3.5″ Bays
  • Micro ATX, ATX motherboards
  • 7 PCI expansion slots
  • Size: 19″(495 mm)D x 7 3/8″(198 mm)W x 17″(425 mm)H; Weight: 7.1 kg / 15.6 pounds
  • Folded edges (no cut fingers!)

Case Overview

The front panel swings away to reveal the front slots, fan intake and red cold cathode light. The case front is not plastic – it’s solid aluminum and feel substantial.


There is a small panel on the side that reveals the USB, sound and a SATA port:

Front Open

This is the first case I’ve seen with a SATA port on its front. The round knob above the ports is a rheostat to control the front fan’s speed:


Above that is a front panel lock. The back


shows the Power Supply mount, the rear 120 mm exhaust fan (holes provided for 92 and 80 mm fans), slots for the motherboard ports, PCI slots and airflow holes.

Removing the side panel (knurled screws) shows the inside:


A view to the front shows the CD ROM and floppy bays and the hard drive cage:

Front Inside


Note that all drives are mounted without screws; the hard drive cage is fully removable (four screws hold it in place) and the front fan cools the hard drives – more and more necessary to effectively cool 7,200 and 10,000 rpm drives. Removing the hard drive cage

Front Low

shows the front 120 mm fan.


The tool-less design is absurdly simple:

Drive Slides

For the CD ROM bays, simply insert the drive and then slide the plastic retainer forward – this locks the drive in place. The hard drive cage uses drive rails to hold the drive in place:

HD Rails

Slap the rails on the hard drive, then insert the hard drive into the drive cage – very simple and fast.

HD Cage

A view towards the back

Back Inside

shows the 120 mm exhaust fan and the tool-less PCI slots:

PCI Slots

Incredibly simple – rotate the plastic retainer away from the slot, install the PCI card, then snap it in place – no more fumbling with screws.


A very attractive case that requires no tools to set up – very simple. The only time you need a screwdriver is to remove the hard drive cage. It has all the performance and eye-candy features that make for an eye catching PC with good cooling – a very nice package.

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