K|ngp|n Cooling Summer Sandy Showdown

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Extreme overclocking legend k|ngp|n is holding a sandy bridge smackdown, 3DMark 2001 style!

The contest is being held at Overclockaholics (OCA). To participate, first you have to register at their forums of course. Then head on over here to download the competition background, which you must use in your screenshots. Valid screenshots will use that background, be at 1280 x 1024 resolution and have the typical HWBot-required items: the benchmark itself with details for all game tests, 2x CPUz windows (one with the CPU tab, the other with the memory tab) and GPUz. After you run the benchmark and have a valid screenshot to submit, stop by this thread at OCA to post it.

Did I mention that there are no hardware limitations? Yep, bench whatever you can get your hands on to score the highest as long as your GPU solution takes up one PCIe x16 slot. Dual GPU cards are ok (i.e. an HD6990, GTX590, etc.). Two separate GPUs (i.e. 2x HD6970, 2x GTX580, etc) are not. The highest two scores win, simple as that.

The best part is the prizes. The first place winner will win four Tek9 Slim GPU pots. FOUR of them!

Tek-9 Slim - Image Courtesy Kingpin Cooling
Tek-9 Slim - Image Courtesy Kingpin Cooling

The runner-up is going to be sitting pretty too. Second place wins a full Dragon F1 Gemini CPU pot kit, complete with slow and fast LN2 bases and the dry ice base!

Dragon F2 Gemini - Image Courtesy Kingpin Cooling
Dragon F2 Gemini - Image Courtesy Kingpin Cooling

So get yourself over to OCA and register. Then use whatever you need to use and get to freezing some hardware. Here’s hoping someone from OCF makes off with some new sub-zero gear. Good luck and -most importantly- have fun!

– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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  1. ChanceCoats123
    Holy... When are the damn chips getting here in the mail?!?!!?
    5950mhz SB + 580 is the winner of this competition.

    I was wondering the same thing! :bang head
    Originally Posted by k|ngp|n
    Let me clarify...ANY "single card solution" gpu allowed fellas! That means it must use only one slot on motherboard, but can be dual gpu card or single gpu card...just NOT two card. Example 2x275 not ok , gtx295 ok. 2x580 not ok, gtx590 ok
    It's all out so lets see what some of you can come up with in terms of the right combo of gpus/tweaking for highest score possible. We will all learn more about 01 and what solutions score what after the smoke clears..
    this would be a sick way to team up and earn these prizes for our team! imagine what we could do with four slims and a gemini loaned across the team!
    OH SNAP!!! Benny's 59x 2500k has been located (USPS apparently couldn't find my address so it was returned to sender). But regardless, come next Monday, you all will get a taste of what's coming. ;)