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I get emails from folks telling me some nice things about vendors; I thought it would be interesting to spotlight those instances where someone goes “above and beyond” what is expected. If you have such an experience, drop me a note about it. – Joe.

“I have been a Swiftech junkie since I discovered their products a couple years ago. Gabriel has always been helpful and taught me much of what I know about overclocking over the phone and via E-mails. He has recently expanded his business and moved to Signal Hill, Long Beach and works out of a 4000 sq. ft. facility. I always wanted to meet the Heat Sink God and, since I was having some technical problems, he offered to help me out and invited me to his facility.

Gabriel made the time to walk me around his compound and showed off his state of the art manufacturing facilities, I even got a peek at his Black Ops Projects…if only you people knew! But I promised not to tell 😉

Not only does Swiftech produce a quality product but it is run by quality people that work very hard to deliver their customers the very best. I was amazed at the amount of work and expense that goes into Swiftech Products. I was even more amazed when Gabriel took over an hour of his time to help me out…Mr. Rouchan Rocks!

P.S. Thanks Gabe for the help; my system jumped up 100 Mhz over its previous maximum stable speed!


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