Kyro Not Quite Cooked?

I’ve heard some grumblings about this card in forums, and got this message from a trustworthy member of our audience just now:

I got a couple of KYRO2’s the other day and checked one out in my rig.

Observations: 2D and 3D image quality good, 3D maybe not as good as the Radeon I’ve been using, but almost indiscernible. Stupid fast in 3D – about 125fps in UT @ 1024x32bit – all game options on high except skin detail – medium.

Card doesn’t seem to generate as much light as other videocards; had to either turn up contrast on my display or correct in the drivers. Don’t really like doing that, but I could’ve lived with it.

However, big bug in 2D!!! Screen doesn’t scroll or repaint smoothly even on Guillemot’s own page. When you try to scroll, the display kinda repaints from up -> down side->side. Very ugly. In regular Windows use, it appears like Active Desktop is enabled the way the screen repaints – even though it’s not.

I called Guillemot about this. The tech who answered hadn’t heard about it and went to R&D to check. They’re aware, it seems, and I was told it should be corrected either by a BIOS upgrade or new drivers.

I hope so, cause the way the thing looked on an AMD761 was ugly.

Ed. note: Well, I’m looking at the Kyro II we just bought, and in the next few days, we’ll try it out on a KT133 and AMD761 board. In the meantime, hold off.

That’s something you should always keep in mind. If you buy it, they have your money whether or not they fix it. If a bunch of you tell them they won’t get your money until they fix it, this gives them a reason to fix it (and maybe not throw out something half-baked next time).–Ed

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