“Dogs of War” Liquid Nitrogen Demo

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Incoming fire… look alive readers! is attending the “Dogs of War” console and PC Gaming LAN Party this weekend in Saint Louis, Missouri. We’ll be doing a Liquid Nitrogen cooling exhibition and all are welcome to come check us out in person or spectate online! Look down for the vitals and obtain full event details from Post any attendance questions in the article comments and we’ll get you answers.

LAN Event Details

Friday 4PM CST (5PM EST 2/25/11) Thru Sunday (2/27/11)

6224 Heimos Industrial Park Drive

Saint Louis, Missouri 63129-6300

Live Streaming Liquid Nitrogen Exhibition

Overclockers’ Live starting Saturday 4PM CST (5PM EST 2/26/11)

Attendees and Duration

Dolk, Icebob, and I.M.O.G. with 100L of LN2 – going until the LN2 runs out.

We look forward to seeing you there or catching you in the live chat!

– I.M.O.G.

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