Got a note last night from someone who bought an 8500LE, and wasn’t happy at all with what he got or what ATI had to say to him about it.

This forum thread at Rage3D goes into much more detail on this problem. I really suggest you read this if you are at all interested in ever buying an 8500LE.

Essentially, there are many species of LE. You have the version that runs at 250/250 GPU/memory speed. Then you have the 230/230 version. Then you have the version that can be coaxed by a BIOS flash to run at 275/275. You even have a version that runs at 250/166.

What you have is confusion. Apparently, ATI lets its third-party manufacturers pretty much configure their cards anyway they feel like. When you have the “same card” that has memory modules ranging from 3.3 to 6 ns; it’s NOT the same card.

Very disappointingly, the card with the 6ns RAM comes from Crucial. For shame, Crucial, for shame.

This is not good. It’s really bad when the typical buyer looks for brand name and price and nothing else.

Not like finding the information is just a matter of looking at a webpage, either.

I want to do something more on this, provide some assistance on this point. Don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so if somebody somewhere has already done this, we’ll be happy to direct them there.

Anybody has any ideas or leads?


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