LED Legs

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Light up the bottom of your PC – Joe

SUMMARY: A new one for case modders – LED Legs.


The good guys at Logisys were nice enough to send a sample of their case mod product – LED Legs. These are replacements for the feet on your PC that light up. Included in the kit are four LEDs, four feet, a PCI switch plate/switch and pads to hold the new feet in place.

The feet are plain Janes by day,


but when lit


they throw a considerable amount of light into the room. The LED slips into a hole in the feet:


There’s enough wire to fit any case:

  • Two wires at 15″ for the longest LED leg
  • Two wires at 8″ for the longest LED leg
  • One switch wire at 17″
  • One 12 power plug wire at 19″

The On/Off switch mounts in a spare PCI slot – rather than toggling it on and off, I would just leave it on so that the legs light up when the PC powers up – these are not power hogs by any means. All told, a nice addition – you certainly will see the PC at night and I think it makes a very nice night light.

Looking at these, I think they can be used just about any place – kind of like headlights; this is one of those products that are only limited by your imagination.

Thanks again to Logisys for sending these our way – cute idea!

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