Let Him Without Sin Cast The First Stone . . .

There’s an attitude we run across fairly often, and we’d like to ask those who have it about it.

Whenever one website criticizes another website over something, there are always people who are against that.

We’re not talking about people essentially saying, “Boy, that was a lousy/stupid/petty criticism.” We’re not talking about people essentially saying, “Don’t criticize “my guys.”

Rather, we’re talking about those who apparently think one place shouldn’t criticize another for any reason.

We really don’t understand this, and we’d really like those who feel this way to explain exactly why they feel this way.

One common sentiment expressed is that websites only do this to get additional hits. Speaking solely for myself, that’s never been the reason why I’ll write a critical article.
The reason why I write them is that I come across items I take (usually quite a bit) of exception to for one reason or another, and I want to alert this audience as to why I take such exception to it.

Some of you might think I get easily bothered, but that’s another matter. 🙂

Anyhow, for those of you who think that, I’d really like to hear from you why you believe that.

Briefly, here’s how we view it.

The reality is people visit a lot of websites. If a situation arises where Place X says something that we (or anybody else) finds significantly incorrect and/or misleading to our audience, if we don’t say something critical, then just what else should we do about it?

If the answer is, “Let people judge for themselves,” shouldn’t criticism give them a better basis on which to judge? Besides, if they can judge, why can’t we?

If an answer is, “Who are you to judge?” it seems to us at least that a judgment stands or falls based on its reasons, not its reasoner.

That’s how we think. We suspect some people have much different beliefs on the matter, and we’d like to know the basis for these beliefs.

The point of the exercise is not to come up with material for a future article. Rather, it’s to understand where the audience is coming from better and to see how we might better fulfill our mission.

So if that’s what you believe, think about it a bit, and drop me a note. Please feel free to be critical; I’m a big boy, I can take it. 🙂


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