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If you’re looking for Linux fixes to things like the 686B bug issue, here’s what I got about that:

First, you might try the linux-kernel mailing list. Go to It’s mostly a kernel
developer’s list, but there are tons of patches and fixes floating around
for various problems. Solved some problems for me a few months back

Also, if you’re looking for a more travelled route, the AC (Alan Cox)
kernel series often have more aggressive fixes and hardware support than the
vanilla kernel. (The AC patches for the 2.4 series kernel can be found at
or any other mirror.) —Jon Anderson

The patch is included in 2.4.4. Maintainer is Alan Cox — Francois Cami

After seeing your short call for Linux info on the O/C homepage (dealing
with the VIA drivers) I thought I’d pass along a few links that I have found
quite useful.

Linux Hardware Database
Provides info, ratings, drivers, and links to drivers on a wide variety of
hardware. Also puts out a bi-weekly hardware newsletter.

XFree86 Homepage
Provides info, drivers, and patches for the X Window System. This is the GUI
video support and not the actual desktop GUI environment (KDE, Gnome, etc)
which have their own sites.

CNET Linux Center
Provides news, info, and software downloads. A number of the downloads are
out of date and it’s best to use the provided link to the actual software’s

Linux Online
Good general Linux info site. Has a very nice link page that gives a listing for over 40
distribution packages.—Spike

Thank you all, gentlemen!

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