Liquid Nitrogen Live Benching March 4th (8 pm EST) and 5th (12 pm EST)

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I will be hosting a livestream this weekend for my LN2 benching sessions. Anyone interested is invited to come watch the extreme cooling, chat with other viewers, and learn more about extreme overclocking. If you aren’t free tonight, try and stop by tomorrow afternoon.
-192C on LN2t

-192C on LN2

Session Details
When: 8PM EST March 4th, Noon March 5th


I will be benching 2D applications only: SuperPi1M, SuperPi32M, wprime32, wprime1024, and CPU-Z. This will be my second time running this processor under LN2 cooling.


CPU: AMD 965 BE (Quad-core 3.4Ghz Processor)
MOBO: Crosshair IV Extreme
RAM: Gskill Trident 2x2GB
CPU Temps: -190C


Last weekend, I found the limits of the CPU under LN2 for the first time at the LAN Party in St Louis. So this weekend I’ll be working mostly on fine tuning the CPU settings, specifically working voltages at 1.85V and up, and increasing CPU-NB/RAM frequency, and RAM timings.
Improvements from last session:
  • Using XP instead of Vista (I was out of town last weekend, and stuck on Vista as I was intending to bench 3D, but had hardware issues)
  • Improving RAM frequency and timings (I focused only on CPU testing last weekend)
  • Increasing CPU-NB frequency, for improved efficiency (SuperPi performance product)
  • Applying SuperPi1M tweaks provided by the OC Forums Benchmarking Team private lounge to get that last push for my scores
  • Further testing for strongest cores (core 0 and core 1 seem best so far)

Previous Scores to Beat

  1. 6686.04Mhz CPU-Z Validation – 21.1 Boints – 340th out of thousands of CPU-Z submissions, 41st out of 261 965BE submissions
  2. 10.608 Seconds SuperPi1M – 12.6 Boints – 3046th out of thousands of SuperPi1M submissions, 39th out of 204 965BE submissions
  3. 11 Minutes, 28.463 Seconds SuperPi32M – 6.3 Boints – 1953rd out of thousands of SuperPi32M submissions, 21st out of 104 965BE submissions
  4. 6.303 Seconds wPrime32M – 9.3 Boints – 1208th out of thousands of wPrime32M submissions, 35th out of 163 965BE submissions
  5. 3 Minutes 30.602 Seconds wPrime1024M – 5.4 Boints – 1057th out of thousands of wPrime1024M submissions, 25th out of 104 965BE submissions


As the sessions progress, this article will be updated to include the results in a format similar to the previous scores listed above!

Hope everyone can drop in to check out my session and help me out!

UPDATE: These are the scores I achieved this past weekend. They are all improvements over the scores listed above for comparison. I never got back to working at CPU-Z again, but I improved my scores on both the SuperPi and wPrime benchmarks. My best result? I took 3rd place in wPrime1024M, only 2 people in the world have ran their AMD 965BE through this test faster than my score – 3 minutes 3.499 seconds! Clicking through the links provided will show you my rankings, as well as screenshots of my scores and settings.

  1. 10.453 Seconds SuperPi1M – 14.8 Boints – 2950th out of thousands of SuperPi1M submissions, 28th out of 204 965BE submissions
  2. 10 Minutes, 55.594 Seconds SuperPi32M – 8.6 Boints – 1830th out of thousands of SuperPi32M submissions, 10th out of 106 965BE submissions
  3. 5.734 Seconds wPrime32M – 13.9 Boints – 928th out of thousands of wPrime32M submissions, 12th out of 163 965BE submissions
  4. 3 Minutes 3.499 Seconds wPrime1024M – 13.2 Boints – 823rd out of thousands of wPrime1024M submissions, 3rd out of 104 965BE submissions

As it was my best run, here is a shot of my settings and score for my 3rd place wPrime1024M run:

3rd fastest 965BE wPrime1024 score in the world

3rd fastest 965BE wPrime1024 score in the world

I recorded the livestream of that session, and you can watch me work at getting that score in the following video. Be advised however, it took me 4 hours so the video is long. The 3 hour and 32 minute mark in the video is where I complete my best run.

Watch live streaming video from overclockers at

– I.M.O.G.

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  1. m0r7if3r
    What board you gonna be on matt?

    MOBO: Crosshair IV Extreme
    I will be there..... If I don't pass out first. Did not get any sleep last nite watching Mr. novaworks do some Celeron spanking on DICE.
    Yup, that's the board - those details, as well as the links to my hwbot scores I'm aiming to beat are in the frontpage article - it is more complete than the first post of this forum thread.
    I will be watching.
    Not meaning to derail here Matt, if you think it is just delete this I will understand.
    For anyone wanting to get into streaming and needing to get a camera, I just picked up a used Logitech 9000 cheap for streaming my vid when the time comes and these camera's have some amazing quality to the video and are just plug and play. It's so easy a CgS Drone can do it :D
    Cool man, what did it run you? I have a Microsoft lifecam hd5000 and it is really good. 50 bucks and plug and play also. 720p.
    I want to get a second can also.
    Couldn't get CPU frequency back to where it was last weekend... Suspect a poor mounting of the LN2 container perhaps. Stopping now, rather than push it when it doesn't want to be pushed... I had a few pools of moisture around the insulation and in the RAM slots anyways, fortunately my insulation was good.
    Going back at it noon tomorrow, going to remount the pot and hope I make more headway tomorrow. Less volts, more volts... nothing was getting me anywhere tonight. :shrug:
    Same story last weekend however - we weren't getting anywhere saturday night, so we packed it in. Came back sunday morning, and thats when icebob and I both got some good runs in. :rock: Better luck at noon tomorrow, hope you guys are around.
    I had a few pools of moisture around the insulation and in the RAM slots anyways, fortunately my insulation was good.

    that wouldn't have been coke, would it? :chair:
    Heh, nope... For those who witnessed it, that will be known throughout the ages as the jack and coke spill of 2011. Old men will sit in rocking chairs telling their grandchildren of it. Fortunately however, I just shook the coke out of my vertex until it was "dry enough" and I didn't worry much about the power supply cables. They are a little soggy now however. :-/
    Setting up for the noon session now - remounting the pot. I'm getting my tweaks setup also, in the hopes that even if I can't hit the same frequency as previously, I might be able to put better scores up anyways with improved efficiency.
    Still going. A lot of success today.
    Improved superpi1m, superpi32m and wprime32m. Still working on wprime32m then on to wprime1024. Haven't pushed the frequency any higher yet for cpu-z.