Live Benching with Bobnova on Dry Ice

Two live benching sessions in one weekend…good stuff! Bobnova, one of Overclockers Benching Team’s members, is currently hosting a live benching session on dry ice and will be for the next couple of hours. You can catch it streaming live at Livestream here, and even join in the chat:

The frozen CPU of choice is an E6600. Come root him on!

UPDATE: 4/16/10 @ 2:24pm – Bobnova went late last night and had a heck of a benching session. Thanks to everyone that watched & supported him. His efforts were rewarded with a 4th place in WPrime 1024M and a bronze medal in WPrime 32M. Way to bench Bob!!

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Was a great session, got 3rd fastest wp32 for e6600, that's 33 points for the team in just that one benchmark!
Got 4th in 1024m too.

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Sweet Bob, sorry I missed this one... Nice work! Make sure you let us know again next time when we can watch you.

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