Live Extreme Benchmarking on Tap for tonight (8/2) and the weekend!

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It has been a while since we’ve had a big, live-streamed, benchmarking event with members of our team. Beginning tonight (8/2) and through this weekend, however, that will change. Our very own Glorious Leader (I.M.O.G) and other benching team members, TURN & BURN and Janus67, will be taking their hardware cold on LN2 beginning this evening with a goal to break some global records.

Tip of the iceberg...
Tip of the iceberg…

As you can see by the picture, there is some incredibly nice hardware that will be put through its paces. Items like the MSI GTX680 Lightnings (2), MSI 7970 Lightnings (4), as well as several 3770K’s and a couple of 3930K’s, are just some of the items getting tortured by voltage and liquid nitrogen through the day and night Saturday(8/4). More details can be found in the forum thread.

Enough about the setup though; you can find this live streaming at the following URL’s with a projected start time of 6PM EST or so tonight (8/2).

Swing by the live streams above to watch our team blow off some steam(LN2) and hopefully shatter some records over the weekend. Its about to begin…

Good luck team!

Blowing off Some LN2
Blowing off Some LN2


~Joe Shields – Earthdog


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