LN2 Benchmarking 2/12 1PM EST

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I’ll be running LN2 on a 1090T rig throughout the day. Get more details and tune in to live video, audio, and chat at Overclockers’ Live, or the forum thread.


Ran for about 4-5 hours, until frost buildup got too heavy on RAM slots, and I encountered OS related issues with pifast, PCMark05, and 3D benches. I will turn back to air cooling to get those issues straightened out and insulate my RAM better, but I was able to get some fairly satisfactory wPrime1024m and wPrime32m submissions. Here are the results I submitted to hwbot.org from the session, you can click on the links to see verification of the scores as well as further settings info:
AMD 1090T @ 5771Mhz running wPrime1024m in 2 minutes 14.797 seconds. This is ranked 18th out of 86 submissions with this CPU. This means there are 17 submissions faster than mine on LN2, and there are about 15 scores on LN2 slower than mine… To me, that means two things. First, I could probably get a faster score if I spent more time tweaking my settings or ran higher voltage. Second, my CPU likely isn’t as strong as those garnering top scores.

AMD 1090T @ 5981.6Mhz running wPrime32m in 4.156 seconds. This is ranked 20th out of 131 submissions, which means there are 19 submissions faster than mine on LN2, and there are about 28 submissions slower than mine. Again, more voltage and tweaking could likely improve this score, but my CPU likely isn’t able to compete with the very top scores.

Live video of the session was recorded and is available on Livestream.com. You can also view the tear down process.

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