Ludicrous 1999

I didn’t even think this worthy of insult, but . . . .

This is some
crap from Intel which claims that hyperthreading can get a particular task done in thirty seconds which takes
a non-hyperthreaded task six minutes to compete.

Now this may be technically accurate for that particular task, but to make such a statement implies that this is
not terribly untypical. And that implication is lower than whale feces rotting on the bottom of the ocean. Not even Intel’s research paper
claim anything like that, by at least a degree of magnitude.

Do you know what this is just like?

This is just like the yearly Apple “benchmark” which “proves” that their latest sluggard processor
is really much, much faster than any Intel (or AMD) CPU. Only the most cognitively challenged MacMorons believe it, and it
makes Apple a laughing stock everywhere else in the company industry.

This deserves no less.



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