Luxa2-Thermaltake Mobile GroovyA Wireless Speaker Review

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The Luxa2-Thermaltake Mobile GroovyA wireless stereo speaker hits the test bench today and promises to offer a few unique features we have yet to see from a portable Bluetooth speaker. From its adjustable listening angles to its sleek modern looks, the speaker appears well-equipped to handle your mobile listening tasks. Oh yea, lest we forget… there’s an App for that! Let’s get started and see what Luxa2-Thermaltake Mobile brings to the table.

Specifications and Features

Here are the specifications as provided by the Luxa2-Thermaltake Mobile product page. As you can see, the GroovyA is compact in size, Bluetooth 4.0 compatible, and offers an impressive 15 hours playback time from the 2200 mAh lithium ion battery. The wireless range of 33 feet is another impressive feature worth noting here.

Product NameGroovyA Wireless Stereo Speaker
Dimension220X65X88 mm / 8.6X2.5X3.4 in (L/W/H)
Bluetoothv4.0 CSR
Wireless range10m (33ft)
Capacity2200mAh lithium ion
InputDC 5V/500mA, Micro USB
Audio output3.5W + 3.5W
Playing timeup to 15 hours
Charging time5 hours (0-100%)
LED indicator
  • Left:
    Flashing blue (quickly) : Bluetooth pairing/unconnected
    Flashing blue (slow) : Bluetooth is connected
    Solid red : Aux-in mode connected
  • Right:
    Solid red : charging
    Solid Green : fully charged
MaterialAluminum, Plastic
Weight580g / 1.29lb

The GroovyA has a few other capabilities not listed in the specifications above. The device can operate through both Bluetooth or directly connected to the source with an included 3.5 mm audio cable. The speaker is mounted to an adjustable bracket that allows for different listening angles between 0° and 30°. The GroovyA also has a built-in microphone and can be used as a hands-free calling device when paired with your Bluetooth capable mobile phone.

If you visit the Google Play Store, you can download an App for your Android device that allows remote control of the speaker and even has a 5-band equalizer controller. We’ll show you all these additional features as we progress through the review, so let’s get the box on a workbench and have a look around.

Retail Packaging/Product Tour

The retail box does a nice job of explaining the product within and keeps it well-protected during transportation. As you make your way around the box, you find many of the unit’s features explained, the box contents, and a pretty detailed operation guide on the back.

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Opening the box top reveals the user’s manual sitting on top with the speaker sitting below. Everything inside the box is wrapped in plastic to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. They also toss in a nice pouch to carry the speaker in, which should help keep it looking good during your travels with the device. Also found in the box is the 3.5 mm stereo cable and the USB charging cable. Noticeably missing is the inclusion of an AC-to-USB power adapter, which would have been a nice addition to the package.

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The front of the GroovyA is comprised of a wire mesh area that covers the two 3.5 watt speakers inside. At the bottom of the speaker, you find a set of rubber pads to keep the unit from sliding around on the surface.

Front Area
Front Area

Bottom Area
Bottom Area

At the top of the GroovyA is where you’ll find the control buttons and two LEDs. The LED on the right turns red when the unit is charging, and then turns green once fully charged. The other LED on the left side will flash rapidly (blue) when it’s ready for pairing. Once paired, it will flash slowly letting you know the connection to your Bluetooth device is complete. If you use the included 3.5 mm audio cable, the light will illuminate red letting you know the AUX connection is being used.

The control buttons include a Bluetooth button for pairing, and three dual purpose buttons. The dual purpose buttons are used for Previous/Volume Down, Next/Volume Up, and Play-Pause/Answer-End Calls. The imprint on each button is very difficult to see, especially in low light areas. It would be nice if the imprint on each button was white, or maybe even illuminated.

Control Buttons - Unit Charging
Control Buttons – Unit Charging

Control Buttons - Unit Charged
Control Buttons – Unit Charged

Control Buttons Description (Courtesy Luxa2)
Control Buttons Description ( Image Courtesy Luxa2)

The back of the GroovyA has the on/off switch, Micro-USB connection for charging, and the AUX 3.5 mm cable connection.

Back of the GroovyA
Back of the GroovyA

Business Area
Business Area

As we mentioned earlier, one of the cool features the GroovyA offers is the adjustable speaker angle. You can choose from three different positions ranging from no angle at all, up to a 30° tilt.

0° Angle
0° Angle

15° Angle
15° Angle

30° Angle
30° Angle

Usability/Groovy Audio Center App

The Android App is a free download from the Google Play Store and is a nice compliment to the functionality of the GroovyA. While using the App, you can pair the device, adjust sound quality with the equalizer, select and play music from your library, and listen to hundreds of internet radio stations.

luxa2_groovya (22)
luxa2_groovya (23)

Pairing the device with our smart phone and tablet only took a matter of seconds, and was a snap to accomplish. Once each device was paired, we listened to some music tracks, fired up Netfix, and listened to a few radio stations through the Groovy Audio Center App. We even installed the 3.5 mm audio cable to use the GroovyA as a PC speaker and tested out the hands free calling feature as well. In each instance the speaker work flawlessly and provided an enjoyable experience.

As far as sound quality goes, that will be subjective to the individual user. For us anyway, it sounded very good with crisp highs and a decent amount of bass. If you use the Groovy Audio Center App, the equalizer function can help you fine tune the sound even more to your liking. The GroovyA is capable of providing plenty of volume for listening in a large room or outdoor area without distortion at higher volume levels.


The Luxa2-Thermaltake Mobile GroovyA is a well thought out device that should meet just about anyone’s portable speaker needs. It sounds great, has several unique features, and is aesthetically pleasing too. About the only nitpicks we have with the product is the lack of an included AC-to-USB power adapter and the hard to read control buttons.

Carrying a MSRP of $79.95, we’re told to expect the GroovyA to be available for purchase sometime over the next couple of weeks at places like Amazon. When compared to other Bluetooth speakers in that price range, the cost is about average for similar devices. Bluetooth speakers can vary widely in price, and below $25 in some instances. There are units costing over $200 on the upper end of the scale, so the Luxa2-Thermaltake Mobile GroovyA seems priced correctly for the features and quality it offers. It’s well-deserving of consideration if a portable Bluetooth speaker is on your radar.


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