Making a Plastic Waterblock Clamp

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With detailed template. — Rob Oats.

I have just completed a water cooling system. I wanted to use a plastic clamp and looked all over for the dimensions without success. It was really frustrating having to remove the motherboard to measure and make it before I could install the waterblock. I thought it would be helpful to others if the dimensions were available so that it could be made in advance.

Below is a diagram with all the dimensions. Sorry, I used metric measurements, but that appears to be the unit of measurement in the manufacture of the motherboard. I used 6mm (about 1/4 inch) Acrylic board but any plastic should be fine. The pattern given may have to be trimmed to clear any capacitors around the processor.


You would have to mark the points to cut the inlets if needed.

I also found that I was not getting sufficient pressure from the clamp, so I found the exact point where the centre of the core would be and marked it on the clamp. I then took a bolt 15 mm long and 4.5 mm diameter and drilled a 4 mm hole at this point and then, using machine oil, I gradually used the bolt to thread the hole. To do this, screw the bolt in a few turns and then unscrew. Keep doing this until the bolt is all the way through and turns fairly smoothly.

I had to put the clamp over the inlets first and then put on the hoses and hose clamps. The whole assembly was slid over the standoff bolts and held down on the processor at the centre with gentle pressure. Put the nuts on the standoff bolts and tighten them diagonally until hand tight. Then tighten the central bolt until resistance is felt. I then tightened a further 1/4 turn.

Rob Oats


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