Marathon Benchmarking Competition: Season II

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September 3rd is the kickoff date for the second season of the Marathon Benchmarking Competition. For those of you who are unaware of what it is, this article will serve as a quick rundown. (See bottom of this article for official rules)

What is it?

The Marathon Benchmarking Competition is an in house organized benching competition open to all members of the overclocking community. The MBC runs for eight months, featuring four months of 2D benching and four months of 3D benching.


Each month there will be two separate divisions; usually Intel and AMD for 2D with Single-GPU and SLI/CFX for 3D. Points will be awarded the same way for each division, but submissions from one division will not be competing with the other division.

Point System


  • First place = 3 points
  • Second place = 2 points
  • Anyone who competes gets a minimum of 1 point


  • Points are awarded for how far above or below average your score is.
  • Formula: ((your score/average score)*3) = your points
  • Below average < 3, above average >3, average = 3

General Rules

  • Submissions are made via the form in the current month’s thread.
  • Post a screenshot of your score in the current month’s thread.
  • Screenshots must use current month’s background (posted in current month’s thread).
  • Must follow HWbot rules for submissions: Here
  • Only allowed to compete in one division per month. So, you can’t try to win both the Intel and AMD divsion in the same month.



More Info

Come out to The Overclocktagon on September 3rd for the kick off of season two!



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  1. xsuperbgx
    Gonna be fun. Hopefully we everyone gets a score in. How are you going to distribute the prizes?

    Firs place gets first pick, second gets second choice, then the remaining prizes will be a random draw from the names of everyone who participated.