Marsback Launches Coolest Gaming Mouse Ever: Zephyr Pro

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Today, Marsback launched the all-new Zephyr Pro RGB Gaming mouse. The new Zephyr Pro is a sequel to the original Zephyr introduced in 2020: the first gaming mouse with a built-in cooling fan. The Zephyr Pro is designed to reduce sweaty palms by increasing the airflow from the original design. Available on the Marsback website for $69 and comes in black or white. Below are the press release and product highlights.

Marsback Zephyr Pro

Last year, we created the world’s first gaming mouse with a built-in fan called Zephyr. Now we bring back a more powerful and higher performance sweatproof RGB gaming mouse – ZEPHYR PRO. A built-in, RGB-lit fan with a stronger cooling blast directly into your palm. Zephyr Pro is built for speed, control, and comfort. The free software allows you to edit and configure the mouse and brings you the ultimate gaming experience.

Zepyhr Pro RGB
Zepyhr Pro RGB

Product Highlights:

  1. Equipped with a built-in fan to cool your hand
  2. PMW3389 optical sensor, OMRON switches, maximum to 16000DPI, with a scan rate of 12000 fps; it can track at accelerations of up to 50g, and the movement speed can reach 400 in/s
  3. With 16.8M true RGB color illumination, software support: adjust RGB effects, DPI, macros, and other features
  4. Two colors for options: black/white

The Zephyr gaming mouse is now available with a price starting at $69. Users can get one at US$59/£43/€50 with the discount code while purchasing on Marsback’s official website (we’ve reached out for the code and will add it when the info arrives as it doesn’t seem to be included with the press materials).

-John Nester (Blaylock)

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Equipped with a built-in fan to cool your hand

All your sweaty palms are belong to us!

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