Maximizing Fan Airflow

I just tried something out and wanted it to share with other overclockers. It’s a very simple but special mod that might be of use to others.

I have an Asus A7V with a Duron 700 @ 950 at 1.85 V sitting in a Aopen HX08 BigTower. My CPU temp readings are (or had been) 42 C idle and 52 C under load (prime95 or Gaming) – the motherboard temp is always 27 C.

I use an EKL aluminium cooler which measures 80×60 mm and has a 60 mm
Papst fan. The fan was mounted in the center of the cooler, as always. It came to my mind that the core of the Duron sits exactly under the motor of the fan.

As I have learned from various posts that aluminium does not spread heat along the cooler as well as copper does, I moved the fan 10 mm towards the AGP slot. Now the “upper” fan blades sit exactly
over the Duron core and additionally the center of the fan is further away from the power supply. Maybe it gets more air now*.

Now my temps are 41 C idle and never over 49 C under load. While a 1 degree C difference when idle is within the error of measurement, the three degrees C under load are not too shabby.

Maybe this might help other people, at least here in Europe where the EKL coolers are more common.

With regards from Germany –

Udo Schmiedeskamp

NOTE: *A fan’s air flow pattern shows more flow from the edges – flow directly in front of the core will be less than at the edges. There are many dynamics involved and there is no guarantee this will work for your cooler. Joe

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