Maxtor Tweak. . .

As you may be aware, most new Maxtor drives come with a set of sound reducing instructions. These instructions slow down the heads to lessen any noise they may make, at the cost of some preformance.

Maxtor has released a utility called AMSET to the public so that they can adjust or eliminate this feature. The included benchmarks show the price for silence.

You may notice that different versions of HD-tach were used. This is because my only excuse to run this little test of mine was the fact that DX8 fried my system and I had a chance to reformat. To use the AMSET and turn noise-reduction OFF, you must have your drive(s) hooked up to the built in IDE controller, and mine normally use the KT7 RAID controller.

Thus the following benchmarks are taken before and after with 2 – 7200rpm 15 gig Maxtor ATA-100 drives in Raid-0. Food for thought.



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