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Before you go looking at Tualatin benchmarking (or for that matter, any new ones), there’s something you should know:

The SiSoft Sandra memory benchmark is being modified (it’s still in beta, but some benchmarking places are using it). You can read about the change here.

What you need to know is that the new scores can be radically different for certain processors (double or even triple the “old” scores), and you certainly can’t compare a “new score” from one processor to an “old score” from another.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between An “Old” and a “New Score?”

Easy enough.

An “Old” score will have the descriptions:

Int ALU/RAM Bandwidth
Float FPU/RAM Bandwidth

A “New” score will have the descriptions:

Int EMMX/SSE/RAM Bandwidth
Float EMMX/SSE/RAM Bandwidth

If this seems like a “DOH” to you, at least one hardware site hasn’t realized this, and I’m sure this will cause much confusion over the next few months.

But now you know better.

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