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Something new – a fan that can display your own message – Joe

SUMMARY: Something new – a fan that can display your own message.

The good guys at COOLJAG USA were nice enough to send us their Mini LED Flash Fan. This is a fan that you can program with your own message – a very cool idea!

Pic displayed on the 120mm fan

Key Features:

  • Programmable LED fan allowing user inputted text
  • Displays 16 characters in up to 8 different layers – total 128 character message possible
  • Built-in temperature sensor displays fan air input temp

  • Text readable independent of rotation speed
  • Three models: 80 x 25mm @ 1700 RPM; 90 x 25 mm @ 1400 RPM; 120 x 25 mm @ 1100 RPM

The text set that you can load into the fan includes not only straight text but also a slew of characters and shapes so that the more artistic among us could probably do something quite creative.


The fan ships with a programming module which works from a USB port – there is a CD to download the programming utility onto your PC.


You must maintain the correct plug orientation for the USB device – line up the triangles on the programming module and the USB plug:


One side of the USB cable has angled prongs – this is the end to plug into the LED fan:


There is a small PCB strip across the fan which houses the LEDs:


At one side of the fan is this metal slug which controls the flashing sequences:


Programming the LED Fan

After installing the program which connects to the fan (NOTE: I had to restart Windows for it to take effect – see the Manual HERE), you see this screen:


There is a lot of flexibility in what you can do – you can input up to 16 characters in one message. There are 32 messages the user can store in the program, but the total character limit is 128 – therefore 8 different messages can be displayed, each up to 16 characters long. There are five different display schemes:

  1. Fix: The message stays on, no blinking
  2. Flashing: The message flashes 3 times for each cycle
  3. Left to Right: The message letters come out one by one from left to right and turning
  4. Down to Up: All the message letters come out from the bottom to top and turning
  5. All: “Flashing + Left to Right + Down to Up” 3 patterns combine together

The programming utility is easy to use – a nice package.


This is a unique add-on for any case where you can see a fan. These are now available at The Heatsink Factory.

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