More FSB, Less Overclocking?

The Inquirer reports that this AOpen page hints that AMD is going to increase the FSB on Hammer mobos sooner rather than later.

XBit Labs more or less reiterates the thought when talking about future SiS chipsets.

If you follow through the links on the XBit Labs article, you come to this piece, which shows the specs for these future chipsets, including memory.

There’s no DDR2 there. Just DDR400.

This tends to confirm what we said the other day about AMD not going to DDR2 until late 2005.

Should this be true, there’s a financial plus and a mixed technical bag.

Those of you who already have DDR400 or better could continue to use your RAM in a new system.

While a higher FSB won’t directly benefit a DDR400 setup, it could help indirect a bit by removing bottlenecks so the memory can be the best it can be (though this is likely to be of benefit only to dual-channel systems).

On the other hand, for raw potential memory bandwidth, Intel will get an advantage with its DDR2 platforms.

For overclockers, there’s an even bigger disadvantage.

More FSB, Less Overclocking?…

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