More RAM, Less Speed

I was reading Computer Shopper yesterday and saw the following (here’s a weblink).

“. . . the Platinum Pro generally lags behind every Athlon 1900+ XP system we’ve benchmarked on all fronts, performing more like an 1800+. How could such a souped-up system be so comparatively slow? Memory testing with SiSoft’s Sandra reveals that the CyberPower’s 1GB memory bandwidth lags behind that of the 512MB-equipped Polywell by about 16 percent.”

Oh, really?

Time to ask those with long (or at least big) memories about this.

This is what I’d like you those who want to and have over 512Mb memory installed to do.

1) Run the SiSoft Sandra memory benchmark the way you normally run it using all your RAM (if you don’t already have it, you can download the free standard version from here. If it’s not too much bother, capture a screenshot of the results, otherwise, just report the numbers.

2) Run the same benchmark at the same speed using just 256Mb (or just one stick) of RAM (if you don’t mind, you can try 512Mb, too). Grab a screenshot of that, too, if you can.

3) Pack that all in an email to me along with what kind of RAM you’re using and the model number of your mobo.

Let’s see whether or not this is a general phenomenon.

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