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I work for a major supplier and we have not actually had any come back once they had started to work. We have had a few that just superheated themselves even when the fan was installed right. Most of those we sell are with a board and the boards we carry do not allow ppl to overclock at all so that may have something to do with it. We have had a few comeback from physical damage but other than that nothing.


I work at a computer store, and have seen a lot of AMD chips.

I can say that, yes, more AMD cpus come back than Intel, but nearly every one of them was because it was crushed. One came back DOA, but I think it was heat, the guy only used the little thermal pad on the bottom of the heat sink. Another bizzare return was an instance where it looked like something had exploded out off the bottom of the die. Weird, all the paste stuff in one area of the die was blown out. But I strongly believe that this was the result of an inproperly mounted Heat sink because there was also some chips in the die along that edge.

One Duron was so crushed, it actually had cracks in it as well as chips on every side, with chips as deep as a milimeter. The crazy thing was that the lady was pissed off that she did not get a refund. Oh, well.

Also, I find it strange that people are having a difficult time finding AXIA cores. The ones 1ghz and above in the store I work at are all AXIA.


By the way, up until a couple of months ago, I worked in a
shop selling a healthy amount of socket A chips. We didn’t see any of them

We did see one or two (out of hundreds, maybe thousands) crushed by
someone forcing a heatsink on backwards. We DID see more DOA AMD chips
than Intel chips. I don’t draw any conclusions from that, though. We’re
talking about something on the order of .5% versus .25%. Not enough to
decide there’s any difference in the rates of failure.

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