Motherboard Cooling

Easy mod for additonal CPU cooling – Stanley Slatten

NOTE: Cooling the back of the motherboard is an easy mod – Stan’s simple approach is worth considering.

The diagram explains it all:

It is just the placement of a fan to help keep the back of the motherboard cool. I am running my 3.2E on an Abit IC7 MAX3 motherboard at 3.4, but have had it as high as 3.8 for testing and bragging rights.

My system:

  • Abit IC7 MAX3 motherboard
  • 3.2E Prescott CPU with Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu cooling
  • Two sticks of matched PC3500 256m RAM set dual channel
  • Creative Audigy II Platinum ZX sound card (Bose freestyle speaker system with Acustimas sub & Altec Lansing speakers with sub)
  • Nvidia GeForce 4 128MB TI4200 video card
  • 2 80G sata 150 hard drives set up raid striping 0
  • CDRW & DVD player (standard)
  • System monitoring with front bay readout (temps and fan speeds)
  • Happauage TV/FM stereo radio (with remote) card
  • X3D 3d system viewing glasses
  • HP 6100 all-in-one printer
  • A few other bells and whistles

All this and a average connection speed of 2744 MB down and 120 up

Stanley Slatten

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