Mounting the Abit NF7-S

Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, just wanted to point this out as
we just found it out the hard way. So before you break down your entire

As you know, the first samples of the Abit NF7-S shipped without extra
mounting holes around the motherboard. After this had been pointed out in some
reviews, Abit quickly fixed this problem.

The problem is, their fix didn’t fix. Sure you got more holes in it, problem is,
you have various chips right next to the holes.

In fact, only one hole can be used to mount the screws of an Alpha or Swiftech cooler.
The rest have parts sticking out right next to the hole. One could mod some
spacers to fit the screws in, but it is so small and narrow, you’ll probably break
Mounting waterblocks should still be possible if you screw them into nuts at
the back of the motherboard. Screws can still fit through the holes.

If you have to use spacers, though, you’re probably better off with another board.

Update 2/25/03: From the author:

Apparently Abit has fixed this with their V1.2 PCB. I can definitely say that the 1.1 PCB is not good.
According to Eric Kovalsky the 1.2 should work fine.

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