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The Following text is from MSI Computer Corporation and is reproduced unaltered – if this applies to you, please follow the directions below:

The MS-6905 Master CPU Converter Board Ver 1.1B was MSI Computer Corporation’s intention to provide a Coppermine FC-PGA processor solution. Therefore, some early shipments of the MS-6905 Ver 1.1B were labeled “Coppermine Ready” on the color box. Due to a sudden change notice from Intel recently, design specifications were altered to properly support Coppermine FC-PGA processors. In order to support Coppermine FC-PGA processors, motherboards and CPU converter boards need to provide a different pull-up resistor on legacy CMOS signals. These changes require hardware modifications.

Due to Intel implementing new specification requirements for the Coppermine FC-PGA processors, the MS-6905 Master CPU Converter Board Ver 1.1B can not and does not support Coppermine processors.

MSI Computer Corporation is committed in providing a solution for the Coppermine FC-PGA processors. In this regard, the MS-6905 Master CPU Converter Board Ver 2.0 will be available soon to support Coppermine FC-PGA processors. MSI Computer Corporation understands that a number of pieces of the MS-6905 Master CPU Converter Board Ver 1.1B
were released to our customers with the color box indicating that the MS-6905 was “Coppermine Ready.” Due to the above-mentioned changes, MSI Computer Corporation is committed to rectifying this issue.

MSI Computer Corporation is initiating a special program for our customers who have the MS-6905 Ver. 1.1B with the color box labeled “Coppermine Ready.” MSI Computer Corporation will swap the MS-6905 Ver 1.1B with the MS-6905 Ver. 2.0 under the condition that the customer still owns the original color box labeled with “Coppermine Ready.” To be able to qualify for this program, FOLLOW the instructions completely.


  1. The MS-6905 Converter Card must be placed within the original box with all the accessories. The accessories include:
  2. Original box with “Coppermine Ready” label.
  3. The two retention clips that are specifically designed for the MS-6905.
  4. The MS-6905 must be placed in a static bag.
  5. Clearly label the return package with this RMA Number: E6905
  6. Have a printout of this page and ship with the return package.
  7. Print and fill in the following information :



Return Address



To expedite this program, please follow the instructions carefully. No replacement will be given if above conditions are
not met. Please send your package to the address below.

MSI Computer Corp.
ATTN: RMA Department
47800 Fremont Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94538

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