MSI Unveils First Custom NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20XX GPU Series

On the heels of NVIDIA’s Keynote speech at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne Germany, MSI has shared their release of custom NVIDIA RTX 20XX GPU series based on the Turing GPU architecture. The new platform brings together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence (AI), and programmable shading intended to bring a whole new way to experience games.

MSI has announced it will carry the following series:

Sea Hawk – A Hybrid Air & Liquid cooling solution made popular for making liquid cooling easy to install and maintenance-free.

Ventus – A new lineup we haven’t seen before said to have a minimalistic dual fan design.

Aero – A blower type cooler which isolates airflow that is ejected out of the system through the back.

This adds to this existing Gaming X Trio and Duke lines we are more familiar with MSI says are designed for best thermal performance.

Pricing nor availability has been listed in the press release, though we do expect to see these sooner than later as the announcement is going on at the time of publication. We should have more details as Gamescom winds down.

Keep an eye on the front page for more information as well as reviews of the latest NVIDIA cards.

As a side note, our friends at is at Gamescom and had a live blog on the announcements over this new GPU. That link can be found here: Gamescom NVIDIA GeForce Keynote.

Joe Shields (Earthdog)

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I want a 2080 Ti, but also keeping my liver at the same time. sighs :-/

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You would have to sell your liver, a lung and a kidney to purchase one of these now because apparently there out of stock already

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