Multiple VIDs Show Up With A Bang

There are initial reports of a new sspec 2.4B PIVs doing extraordinarily well. Extraordinarily well as in 3.2GHz at default (or actually slightly below) voltage. You can find out more about results in this thread in our forum. Here’s another result in another forum.

The sspec on these chips? SL6RZ. Is this sspec any different than other C1 stepping PIVs?


The SL6RZ represents the first multiple VID PIV we’ve seen out in the wild. You can read the initial Intel announcement about them here

Essentially, these are first post-C1 stepping PIVs, and are meant to run at slightly lower voltages (at least at lower speeds) than current C1 processors.

Obviously, it’s very, very early in the ballgame, but when a number of different people can clear 3GHz and then some at default voltage, that’s a pretty good sign.

We should note that the person in our forum who has dealt most with this, Melon Stunner, notes that of the CPUs he’s tested, only those Malaysian chips (which begin with the letter “L”) seem to be doing this well. His comments are at the bottom of this page. Update: Also see the comments below.

Are There Other Multiple VID Sspecs?


Does that answer your question? 🙂

We should note that SL6RZ appears to be an OEM sspec and not available in retail boxes. It doesn’t look like there are any multiple vids in retail boxes yet at speeds lower than 2.66GHz.

Where Can I Get One?

That’s the problem. It looks like just about all of these purchased came from Fry’s, and nowhere else. None have been reported from Newegg (indeed one person just reported in our forum that he just got a B0 from them). If you were wondering about, they only sell boxed Intel processors, so they wouldn’t have them, either.

The earliest week reported was a week 44, but most are very, very recent (made, not packed, the end of January). I’m afraid looking for one will probably be a wild goose chase for most.

Besides, what’s important about these results is not getting this particular chip today, but knowing that the CPU you’ll get in May along with a Canterwood motherboard will in all likelihood get past 3GHz with no bother at all, unlike the initial crop of C1 stepping processors.

We will certainly continue to keep an close eye on this story as it develops.

Update: I’ve received a few emails from people who have also gotten this type chips and will add appropriately to this piece as they come in.

“I picked up an OEM 2.0A C1, SL6S7, runs 160fsb (3.2ghz) right off the bat at default voltage, which is 1.475V, this is not a Malay chip, this one is a Philippines, week 43. I also have a 2.4A C1, SL6S9, which ran 133fsb (also 3.2ghz) at default voltage of 1.5V. I would like to relay the week code and manufacture site, but I was so excited when I got it that I didn’t record it, I just wanted to plug it in and see what it could do. I know that the laser etching on both these chips reflect the new marking scheme in that the voltage is not etched onto the IHS.”

“Just read your Multiple VIDs Show Up With A Bang. I have a 2.53 that I purchased from Fry’s last week that is listed in your Multiple VID Sspecs.
It’s Prime95 stable on default vcore to 3343Mhz and is Prime stable on 1.65vcore @3526Mhz”

If any of you have one of these chips, please tell me how you’re doing with them.

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