Multiwave BIOS Savior

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I just installed BIOS Savior RD1-2M kit from Multiwaveon my Soyo 7VCA motherboard. Followed the
instructions started on my original BIOS chip MX29F002NTPC, switched over the
BIOS Savior chip and flashed in the latest BIOS. Shut everything down and
restarted without a hitch. Works great.

Several weeks ago, I had tried to flash the latest BIOS and son of gun if my
machine didn’t lock up on me. Fortunately, I had my old Soyo 6BA+ and was
able to stay on line. Unfortunately, I had to send the 7VCA BIOS chip into Soyo
with the obligatory $30 to get a replacement BIOS chip. They said my original
chip was defective, and were kind enough to send me some spare MX29’s along
with the replacement.

So, I got this bright idea. I wondered if I could program the replacements
using the BIOS Savior switch technique in reverse and son of gun if it didn’t
work. Now, I’m operating off of BIOS Savior, left the newly flashed
replacement chip in the BIOS Savior socket and put the original Soyo supplied
chip in the drawer. I have 3 spares that can save me.

The Multiwave kit included a chip extractor to boot for only $20. What a great deal.
Thought you might want to let your readers know.

(Ed. note: This could be particularly useful for people who have multiple machines to administer.
See here for more info.)

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