Mushkin Launches New ALPHA Series Solid State Drives

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Mushkin has just announced the ALPHA series high-performance solid-state drives. Offering both high speeds and large capacity, the ALPHA series drives will be available in huge (for M.2 SSDs) 4TB and 8TB with max sequential speeds of 3300Mb/s read and 3000Mb/s write. Both drives are controlled by a Phison E12S controller, a 3D NAND memory controller, and utilize PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe 1.3 interface. Here is the press release from Mushkin.


Austin, TX, Dec. 7, 2020 Mushkin Enhanced MFG An industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance and high-reliability computer products, today unveiled its new ALPHA series of high- performance solid-state drives (SSDs) featuring an industry-leading capacity of up to eight terabytes (8TB) the new SSD delivers an uncompromising mix of speed, storage capacity and reliability for mainstream and professional PC users.
The ALPHA series, powered by Phisons 12 series controller, balances performance, capacity, cost, and energy efficiency, making it the ideal solution for cloud computing, big data, external storage systems, digital imaging and media, technical applications and cold storage. At 4TB and 8TB capacities, the ALPHA Series SSD line are the highest capacity in Mushkins solid state drives line up shipping today. ALPHA Specifications and Dimensions:
  • Capacities: 4TB and 8TB
  • Max Sequential: 3300MB/s (Read) / 3000MB/s (Write)
  • 4KB Random: 550,000 IOPS (Read) / 680,000 IOPS (Write)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
  • Storage Temperature: –40°C to 85°C
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 80mm X 2.25mm
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
About Us
For over 25 years, Mushkin has been dedicated to helping gamers, digital artists, IT managers and
professionals alike enhance their computing experience by providing reliable, high-performance
products. Mushkin’s products include a complete selection of USB, SSD, and memory module upgrades
for both the consumer and enterprise industries. Since the company’s founding in 1994, Mushkin has
received numerous awards and commendations for quality, reliability, and technical excellence.
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Nice to see new Mushkin products. I wish they would get back into the performance memory market again because I've always liked their stuff.

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Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner

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Agreed... good to see them again! :)

I think they cover an overwhelming majority of users already with the RAM speed (they have DDR4 3600 sticks... sweetspot for Intel and AMD, really). But I'd like to see 4000+ at this point.

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"That Backfired" Senior Member

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I haven't touched anything Mushkin since DDR2. Hopefully they become relevant again.

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Benching Team Leader

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I haven't touched anything Mushkin since DDR2. Hopefully they become relevant again.

Probably because Mushkin was pretty much not existing on the enthusiast/overclockers market since DDR2 ;) After a wave of RMA because of dead D9 modules, they switched to less-problematic but also less OC-friendly IC. Early DDR3 were still not bad but after that was nothing interesting and even below the average. Now the brand mostly lives in memories of old overclockers (who mostly "retired").

Most other brands released their Phison E12 SSD a long time ago and its speed is already a standard so it feels like another product made for the masses.

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Chapstick Eating Premium Member

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I forgot about mushkin tbh lol. nice!

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