My ATI Radion 4870 X2 Makes My Room Baking!

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This thread on OC Forums is a common complaint among PC users – how to handle PC heat buildup in you room.

There is a common misconception about CPU/GPU cooling and its impact on the ambient environment. The simple fact is that whatever heat is generated will be spilled into a room – period. If you more effectively cool using a better air or water cooling solution, whatever you’re cooling will run cooler.

However, the heat generated is still there – it’s now showing up more “visibly” in waste heat coming from cooling solution used. What has NOT changed is the fact that if you generate 100 watts of heat, it diffuses into the room – period. As was written in the thread:

“Only option to cool down your room is to vent your computer exhaust out a window. A dryer duct or an outdoor radiator would work. Any type of water cooling or after market heatsinks will just heat your room more efficiently.”

Or as another posted:

“Watercooling or any more efficient cooler just moves the heat to the air better. Your still generating the same amount of heat, your room will get just as warm. Case in point, when I benched/stressed my sig rig after building it for 30 min, the house AC was at 80F, my PC room was 89F. And I got lots of watercooling.”

The options in this situation are fairly limited:

  • Vent the PC’s waste air outside the room
  • Undervolt the PC
  • Change to components using less power
  • Crank up the AC

The bottom line: Physics is physics – hot air diffuses to cooler air, heating it up.

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