My Monkey CPU Fan MOD

Adapting a 120mm fan for CPU cooling – Randy Jarois

120 mm

I wanted to overclock and still keep aircooling. I decided on a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ cooler, since it was of one piece construction. I then purchased a Sunon 120 mm fan for case air circulation.

Then it came to me: Why not make that fan my CPU cooler fan?

I pondered the thought for a while. One day while I was in the hardware store, the idea came to me: It was a 4″ to 3″ steel duct reducing funnel.

Duct 1

I got busy with my Dremel and started to hack. I am a machinist by trade, and some of the best things I have made were, well “shoot from the hip” instead of having strict plans or drawings.

Duct 3

I modified a 120 mm fan grill to attach the fan to the funnel.

The photos of my CPU fan mod speak for themselves. I am overclocked @ 3.38 GHz with stock-like temps – 43C. I am going to try pushing the MHz to see how good my “monkey mod” is.

Duct 2

I didn’t run any sound measures, but to me, my 120 mm fan is a LOT quieter than the Thermaltake running at 6000 rpm.

My MSN zone name is A_S_THEMONK and I play and enjoy Rouge Spear online gaming. My PC started out as an Alienware, but since then I have installed 3 motherboard upgrades. It is currently….

  • P-4 3.06 GHz overclocked to 3.38 GHz
  • Gigabyte 8KNXP Ultra “Canterwood” Motherboard
  • Western Digital JB-800 Hard Drive “8 MB cache memory”
  • 2 G Corsair XMS 3200LL system memory
  • Radeon 9800 Pro Video Card
  • Enermax 530 watt power supply
  • Fans:
    • 4 – 80 mm Sunon case fans
    • 1 – 60 mm Delta memory cooling fan
    • 2 – 40 mm Hard Drive cooling fans
    • 1 – 70 mm case circulator fan “old cpu fan”, lols
    • 1 – 80 mm Delta Video Cooling Fan “side panel”
    • 1 – 120 mm Sunon Bad Ass CPU Cooling Fan


Running 3-D Mark 2001 Second Edition, my score is 17599 3D Marks –
This is one Kick-Ass CPU coolin’ mod! Peace – the monk out………

Randy Jarois

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