Need a Radiator? What About A Car?

Here is a cheap and easy way to get a radiator for water

Large cars and trucks have a small power steering or
brakes system that requiring cooling. They use a small radiator
about 8″ tall 4″ inches wide and 1 or 2″ deep with around a 3/8s inside
diameter. They cost about $30.

They should be big enough to attach a pair of 92mm fans. You’ll have to wire-tie the fans
to the radiator, because there’s no known way to screw them on.

Some of the water cooling systems I’ve seen on the site use really high volume pumps.
To get maximum cooling, you need to regulate how fast the water flows thru the radiator. Too fast,
it doesn’t have a chance to transfer heat to the radiator. I don’t have the tools to do a chart
to show you the differences of heat exchange to flow rate; does anyone else out there?

Hope this helps someone out.

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