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Netbooks are shaping up to be a game-changing force in the PC Biz – Share your netbook experience, or thoughts on netbooks, and possibly win a Kingwin EZ-Dock.

The good guys at Kingwin were nice enough to send us a Kingwin EZ-Dock (my review HERE ) as a prize; this is the white version which is the latest color. EmailMe with your netbook experience or your thoughts on how this impacts your PC experience and I will select one at random from among those who sent emails to win Kingwin’s EZ-Dock – I have not even opened it – still in shrinkwrap.



Depending on where you sit, netbooks are either a growing market segment to exploit or something akin to the bubonic plague, especially if you sell video cards. The main worry some in the industry have is the cannibalization of existing main-line PC products, most particularly full-size notebooks.

Consumers however seem to be sending a message that sends shivers through the PC industry – sometimes more is not better; in fact, sometimes LESS is better. With “cloud computing” becoming more real than buzz, internet-embedded apps are a key enabler for netbooks. In addition, we are becoming a “mobile” generation – accessing the internet on-the-fly on cell phones is increasing at a rapid pace.

Netbooks, far from being a fad, in fact is more a logical extension of the mobile-generation than perhaps some in the PC industry realize. So dear readers, how or will a netbook figure in your PC lineup? Does it replace or supplement what you now have? How much horsepower do you expect, or want, from a netbook? At what price-point does a netbook turn you off?

No right or wrong here, so let it fly!

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