New CPUS Coming . . .

First, we’re supposed to see 65nm CPUs from AMD December 5.

I’m sure plenty will test them, and if they can overclock to 4GHz or so with little muss and fuss, they might even be interesting, but if not, why care?

Let’s face it, these chips aren’t meant for us. These are meant to be cheap-to-make OEM chips for cheapish boxes. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just not our thing, and as we’ve said often in the past, you don’t put out high-wattage, high-speed 90nm chips if you’re capable of making high-speed 65nm chips.

What matters more for us is that the E4300 should be out January 21. A few months later, it will be joined by an E4200 and 4400, running respectively at 1.6 and 2GHz respectively.

They’re meant to be OEM CPUs, too, but unlike the AMD chips, these ought to be overclocking powerhouses.

The way we look at it, if you want to build a new system shortly, the E4300 will be out in late January, affordable DX10 cards from at least nVidia should be out in early February (we’ll have to see about ATI).

We need to try to be frugal wherever we can, because inbetween the two events is this little thing called Vista, and well:

“Once it boots up Vista RTM takes between 700 and 750MB of memory. The good news is that the system is much more agile than before. It reacts instantly and there is no disk swapping, at least if you have 2GB+ memory.”

And this is from an article praising the RTM version!

I don’t know about you, but some of you might seriously consider getting one of those “buy XP now, get Vista later” packages, then use the XP until you have a good reason to shift, or SP1 comes out.


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