New AMD CPUs, Intel's Ivy Bridge Timeline, and Elpida is Bankrupt

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What an interesting news day today was. This morning I received an email from AMD about a pair of new CPUs. They are expanding the Bulldozer line with new six core (three module) and four core (two module) CPUs.


CPU Base

CPU Turbo Core





L3 Cache





3.8 GHz

4.1 GHz

125 W


6 MB

8 MB




4.2 GHz

4.3 GHz

125 W


4 MB

Both of the new offerings will have fully unlocked multipliers and should be fairly competitive price-to-performance. What that price is remains to be seen. When we’ll see them is unknown at this point, but their release “… is happening on a rolling timeline, so availability will vary by market.”

They have also announced a price drop in the FX-8120 effective today. To what they didn’t say, which seemed odd to me, but I’m just the messenger. They expect retail outlets to reflect the change too. Engaget seems to think they’re dropping it to $185, which would be a $15 drop from current NewEgg prices. I’ll assume Engaget referencing the FX-8150 was a typo (see their URL), and that they’re not dropping the FX-8150 by $65. $15 off the FX-8120 sounds more realistic.

Next up we have a revised launch schedule through the grapevine. From HWBot, who got it from TechPowerUP!, who got it from SweClockers, it seems Intel has revised the schedule a bit. I’ll pick from the middle of the pack for the quote (TechPowerUP!).

  • 8 April, 2012: This was supposed to be the day “everything” (all CPU models slated for April, compatible motherboards) launched. Instead on this day, motherboard vendors will launch their products based on Intel Z77, Z75, H77, and B75 chipsets. System builders (you) will have to use existing “Sandy Bridge” processors, which are very much compatible with those motherboards. You will not be able to buy “Ivy Bridge” processors from anywhere on this day.
  • 29 April, 2012: This is when Intel will launch quad-core Core i5, Core i7 “Ivy Bridge”. On this day, the media will be able to post reviews of the new processor platform. It’s not clear if you’ll be able to buy these chips on this day, either. Perhaps you might.
  • 3 June, 2012: This is when Intel will launch Q77 and Q75 chipset. The notebook platform based on “Ivy Bridge”, dual-core “Ivy Bridge” processors, and the much talked about Ultrabook “Ivy Bridge” form-factor are due for “sometime in June”.

We can neither confirm nor deny that; indeed I just plain don’t know, but it’s more fodder for the rumor mill to discuss.

Lastly, we’re sad to report that memory manufacturer Elpida (who made the much coveted Hyper memory ICs) has filed for the equivalent of Chapter 11 in Japan. It seems they owe around $5.6 billion which they weren’t able to find partners to pay. This one was already posted in the forums, feel free to discuss: Hypers Just Got More Expensive…. Elipida Files for Bankruptcy. Credit for that find goes to Tech Reaction.

All in all, an interesting day for overclockers!

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  1. bmwbaxter
    That is nothing new.
    Stock clock speeds over 4Ghz is new.

    Yea but I would of rather they concentrated on actually making it faster than the piis, **** I broke down and got a 2500k and I hate Intel lol
    Unfortunately, the 4100 loses to the dual core 2120 in almost every measure, and sometimes by a significant margin. It also use ~50 more watts. Overclocking it out of the box and making it a 125w chip is just going to make the numbers worse - it'll still lose in most measurements, and will use even more power. Reeks of desperation.
    now i see that my overclock does not seem that high lol
    hmm now i dont know what im getting my friend for a computer!!!!
    well i guess i will see when his laptop breaks fully
    Nice to hear AMD trying to raise the bar and get some even competition with Intel, a 4.4 clock speed is insane for an out of the box product.
    But then again clock speed isn't everything, would rather see better FP or thread handling. Although I guess that is partly Microsoft's fault with win7, have to wait for Windows 8 to really see how it does.
    There's an Intel i7 dual core lga1366 CPU with a stock clock of 4.2GHz I believe. Custom build on the GT die for stock trading stuff where microseconds matter.
    It looks like the trying to close the gap in performance to Sandy Bridge by turning up the clock speed, its not going to work that way.
    Having said that this is a good move from AMD, this will up the performance somewhat.
    More importantly, i like there prices, an FX-1820 (8 core / 4 Module) now costs £145 (UK) that's much less the £170 for a 2500K and while its not as good as the 2500K in most things it does well in multi-threading and modern games, its a very good all rounder, and cheap.
    I can't wait to see PileDriver.... the IPC performance on them should be up 15% and 4Ghz+ clocks the norm across the board.
    They're trying to catch up to the performance gap with the Sandy Bridge processors that have been out for a while now. And soon there will be Ivy Bridge.
    Personally, while my current build is AMD and ATI, I think if I was to build a computer from scratch today (which I might actually do for someone else fairly soon....) it'd certainly be with an i5. Excellent performance for the cost.