New Hammer Stepping Coming . . .

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Aidan Morrison sent me a note asking me to take a look here.

It’s a new BIOS for IWill’s socket 940 board, and it simply says “Support Opteron D-stepping code.”

Since the most advanced Opteron/FX/A64 is a C stepping code, that has to mean a new stepping is coming.

I checked the AMD tech docs for reference to a D stepping, but none is to be found as of yet. All that means is that it’s not quite here yet, AMD generally doesn’t update their tech docs until the new product is at hand.

In all likelihood, this stepping will enable AMD to put out 2.4GHz FX/A64s, and ought to eventually make lower-end FX/A64s a bit more overclockable.

Nothing more at the moment, but obviously something to keep an eye on.

Thanks, Aidan!



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