New Palomino Stepping

While I’ve heard and seen one or two variants from AGKFA, AGKGA and AGNGAs, they’ve been made fairly early on, and no one’s reported anything great from them.

Christopher sent me a new one today, though:


Is that good? Not sure. Certainly will ask him to try it out, and if anybody gets one, I’d like to know how you did with it.

I don’t know about these CPUs. A couple days ago, we mentioned that AMD wasn’t going to have a Palomino 2100+.

The linked article also indicated that the first Thoroughbred (probably in late March) was going to be a 2000+ rather than a 2200+.

That combined with the fairly limited overclockability of the Palominos without using extreme measures seems to tell me AMD doesn’t have any more rabbits to pull out of their hat to get Pallys faster and that they may have some problems/headaches getting enough 2000+s out of production.

This is not terribly surprising or a knock on AMD. 1.7GHz is an awful lot to ask from a .18 micron design that does as much work per cycle as the Athlon.

However, I know a lot of overclockers have 2GHz on the brain, and I would be very surprised to see the 2000+ Pally manage that feat without the extreme measures being used to do it now.

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