NewerTechnology Portable Toolkit

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Sometimes you can go crazy looking for the right tool when fixing small electronic devices.

I have a great local hardware store but they’re more geared to the usual larger tool sizes. The good guys at NewerTechnology have put together a nifty assortment of small tools for the tinkerers among us.


The toolkit contains:

• Straight Blade 1.8mm
• Straight Blade 3.0mm
• Phillips #00
• Phillips #2
• Torx T6
• Torx T8
• Torx T10
• Scissor Clamp
• Tweezers
• (2) Nylon Pry Tools (aka “Spudgers”)
• Nylon Carrying Case

The tips are hardened steel…


…and magnetized:


The tops of the drivers rotate so that you can hold them in place with your index finger while using them – IMHO a must for small tools.


Included with this kit are two small plastic pry-bars (aka “spudgers”) – if you’ve ever tried to open a screen bezel or do your own battery replacement for an Ipod, these are what you need:


Finally also included are a tweezers and scissor clamp – handy for holding small parts:


All this with a nice carry case – not a bad piece of kit. Street price about $18. Worth a serious look if you’re like me – always tinkering with electronics and scurrying arround for the right small tool.

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