NIC Tip Did The TRICk

A NIC Tip Just got a note suggesting that if you are having problems with a NIC
(or actually any other PCI device), you should increase PCI latency from 32 to 64).
Couldn’t hurt to try. Ed


This worked out excellent for me! My Celeron 800 was stuck at 126FSB (1/4 PCI divider, thus underclocked) and increasing the PCI latency to 64 got me over the edge! I can now run 132FSB, so I took it one step down to 131FSB @ 1.75Vc/3.5Vio and an Alpha PEP66T. I had been running at 133 and up to 140FSB but it takes lowering the in-order-ceue-depth to ‘1’ which dramatically decreases (memory?) performance…

I’m happy at 131 because my PCI is now almost running within spec, and I’ve even created and restored a few system images under DOS, this would lock-up nicely before, now it’s rock solid!

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