No Hammer, No Barton, No . . . ?

What a tangled web we weave . . . .

AMDZone has links to several news stories and received confirmation from AMD that Barton won’t come out until Q1 2003, and Hammer won’t come out until Q1-Q2 2003.

The AMD spin is that the delay is due to the better TBreds they’ve been able to come up with. This is simply not believable. Like AMD is so financially comfortable and technologically in the lead that it doesn’t need faster processors and the extra money that comes with them.

Far more believable is the information presented here.

The Prospects

This financial quarter is going to be another disaster.

Until the spring, or maybe summer, AMD has to ride the refitted TBred. Will that be enough to at least considerably slow down AMD bleeding red ink? Maybe, maybe not.

The current financial quarter will almost certainly be another $200 million loss, but that’s no surprise.

This news makes the financial results of the Christmas quarter critical. If AMD can cut its losses, either through higher prices or more volume, to less than $100 million, they’ll probably muddle through.

If this doesn’t happen, and AMD posts yet another close to $200 million loss, this company is in trouble.


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