Nobelese Case

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I’m a case junkie: many brands, many models.

Ed from Koolcases sent me the Nobelese for a look.

The Nobelese is a mid-tower case with an impressive-looking front bezel:


The case has four 5.25, five hidden 3.5 and two exposed 3.5 inch bays. The case holds four 80mm Case Fans for better than average cooling.

One unique feature of the Nobelese is a 5.25 bay located at the very bottom of the case. This would be very useful for a Bay Manager or Digital Doc. There is plenty of space inside the case for even the larger ATX Motherboards.


Construction is better than in many cases I have seen in this price range ($59, without power supply). It is a very sturdy case. There are no sharp edges and all drive bays are direct mount (no drive rails). Side doors are easily removable and come with thumb screws.


I used this case with a PIV overclocked to 2.4G and low CFM fans. This case had no problem keeping things cool and very reasonably quiet.

(BTW, Ed also sent over a Lite-On black DVD drive. I’m very happy to say that this is a true black drive and not a painted drive like many sold elsewhere. Koolcases does not carry painted drives.)


The Nobelese is a sturdy case at a reasonable price that is both good-cooling and cool-looking. This is one of the better “off-brand” midtower cases I’ve seen, and is definitely worth a look.

Thanks again to Koolcases for sending the Nobelese my way. They also have a range of other interesting case and accessories at their website, plus some cases with pre-installed Window kits.

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