Not Just Whistling In the Wind

Wish Intel or AMD would respond like this:

Got this note from someone at Net Nanny this morning. If you recall, their website said their program
didn’t work with Athlons, and I got the rhetorical two-by-four out a couple weeks ago.

Dear Ed,

Our QA group researched the AMD issue and found that we are (and always
were) compatible with AMD processors. We still do not know where the
subscriber you mentioned got the idea that there was something in our code
that prevented Net Nanny being used on a non-Intel PC. It is just not true.

Thank you for alerting us to the problem on our web site (although you
might want to try a kindler, gentler approach in the future). Our QA and
Support teams report that the reference to AMD processors was an error. Net
Nanny was tested on AMD-based systems during the original NN 4.0 QA cycle
and has been running on thousands of customers’ AMD machines since its
introduction last year. The teams would like to pass along their
appreciation of your site. We have been fans for some time and more than one
of our team members have used your board reviews and configuration advice to
improve the performance of their home systems.

Please note that we are in the process of changing our website to reflect
Net Nanny’s full support of AMD processors.

Best regards,

Larry Halleran
Net Nanny Software, Inc.
Suite 200 – 15831 NE 8th St.
Bellevue, WA 98008

Ed. note: It’s good to see a company be responsive to a problem. I just wish most companies
would do that, so folks wouldn’t feel the need to start blasting.

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