NVIDIA GTX 460 Review Roundup

A few days ago there was a press kit leaked for NVIDIA’s new GTX 460.  Now the NDA has been lifted and there are a slew of reviews from a number of sites. GTX 460 cards are coming in at about $200 for the 768MB model and $230 for the 1GB model; both units have a  675MHz core speed, 1350MHz shader speed and 3600MHz memory clock (reference speeds).

GTX 460 - Image Courtesy NVIDIA
GTX 460 - Image Courtesy NVIDIA

PC Perspective and Benchmark Reviews have both gone into depth on the architectural differences between the 460 and it’s big brethren, the 465, 470 and 480. The latter site has quite a nice big table on page 3 to compare the models. PC Perspective has had a go at quantifying efficiency per core for the 460 and 480, with the 480 doing a little better in higher resolution tests. Benchmark Reviews has compared a wider range of cards and found the GTX 460 to be the best in terms of “FPS per $”.

Bit-tech has a good comparison of power input and heat output; the 460 pulls more at load than the ATi competitors from the 57xx and 58xx series but stays a bit cooler. They have also posted a short YouTube clip of the kit.

[H]ard|OCP has managed to overclock both the reference card and a pre-overclocked model, producing appropriately improved game benchmarks.

Here are a few more for your reading pleasure:

nVidia has also released a new driver, 258.96, to accompany the release of their new cards.

Thanks to diaz for starting a forum thread on the subject and linking to these reviews.


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