Nvidia GTX465 Detailed

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Image courtesy: Nvidia Corp.
Image courtesy: Nvidia Corp.

Back in April, graphics cards manufacturer Nvidia released the long-awaited Fermi products including the GTX470 and GTX480 models. Another product based on the same chip is set to hit the shelves in early June. The new card, named GTX465, is based on the Fermi architecture and is built from a cut down version of the GF100 processing unit.

According to news website Fudzilla, the GTX465 will feature 11 shader clusters for a total of 352 CUDA cores. Its bigger brother, the GTX470, has 14 clusters and a total of 448 shader cores. Core clock stays the same at 607Mhz and shader clock is also remaining at 1215Mhz. Other specifications include 44 texture units and 32 raster operations units, down from 56 and 40 respectively when compared to the GTX470. Onboard memory for reference design cards is 1024MB of DDR5 operating at 802Mhz. Power consumption has not been announced at this time.

Industry analysts were expecting to see the new card feature 12 or 13 clusters for a total of 384 or 416 CUDA cores.  The decision from Nvidia to enable only 11 sections of the GPU was likely made to be able to use more parts that had fabrication defects. This strategy is often used by both Nvidia and ATI in an effort to cut losses on foundry costs. The new card from Nvidia is expected to hit the shelves in early June or just in time for Computex, the world’s biggest IT trade show. No pricing information is available at the moment.

Source: Fudzilla



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  1. Quick update:
    Xbitlabs has obtained a retail GTX465. Early testing suggest it positions itself badly against ATI HD5850, while being priced only 20$ cheaper than the red team offering, with a suggested retail price of 279$.
    Source: Xbitlabs
    I don't understand the placement of this card in to the mainstream at all with a $279 MSRP. Newegg has reference GTX 470's for $329 right now.
    IMO, this card is a complete fail unless it retails for closer to $200 (maybe $229).
    Only other consideration to make is the rumor that GTX 470 orders have stopped so the GPU can be ultilized for the GTX 490 dualie.
    Another quick update:
    Nvidia's GTX465 is said to have a TDP of 200w, just 15w less than GTX470. That is quite a lot for a card that gets pawned by the HD5850 (with a TDP of 151w). Also specified is the memory bus that is now 256-bit wide, again cut-down from the GTX470's 320-bit bus. This translates in less memory bandwidth and therefore less memory performance.
    Source: Fudzilla