NVIDIA Appears to Tease Ampere Release Date: August 31st, 2020

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With all of the hype surrounding both NVIDIA and AMD’s new graphics cards that are rumored to be released in the coming months, this is the first concrete hint or tease we’ve seen direct from the horse’s mouth. Today, NVIDIA’s twitter account posted a cryptic message stating, “The #UltimateCountdown – 21 Days, 21 Years.”

This suggests that we will see their new video card, code-named Ampere, come August 31, 2020. The 21 days is a countdown starting from today, August 10th, and the 21 years is rumored to be a reference to when they first released the GeForce 256 back in 1999. For those who are following the never-ending cycle of leaks and enjoy propagating rumors, 256 x 21 = 5,376 which also happens to be a core count released recently.

While we now know something major will be happening on August 31st with NVIDIA and we assume this has to do with Ampere. However, we don’t know if this will be a paper launch or hardware availability on this day. Keep an eye on the front page for more information as we receive it as well as a launch day coverage!


(Joe Shields)


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